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A bit about me

I was born and brought up on the beautiful North Wales coast, the youngest of 6 children. I always had a desire to travel and see the world. I am extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to live and work in many countries all over the world including Europe, the Middle East and Far East. This has allowed me to develop certain coping strategies. I had to become good at adapting to different cultures, climates and ways of living. Many think living in a foreign country as exotic and a bit like being on holiday all the time but you still have to work, take children to school, go shopping, all in a sometimes alien environment. Even though it is extremely rewarding it can also provide many challenges.

Unfortunately by the age of 32 I had lost both my dear parents, and even though I have my siblings, they also have the travel bug and are scattered around the world. It was a shock to have my parents taken so young, and I felt I had to become self sufficient at an early age but was so grateful to have my partner and family there to support me.

I had my first introduction to an alternative way of thinking about health when my mum was diagnosed with lung cancer and I was introduced to Reflexology. I knew immediately that this was the direction I wanted to follow. I trained and set up in practice as a Reflexologist.

Around nineteen years ago, my eight year old daughter had a phobia of doctors. Even at the mention of going to see the doctor she would become agitated and very upset. I think this had come from a traumatic stay hospital at the age of two. She had pneumonia twice. I really wanted to help her as it was very distressing to see her become so upset at having to visit the doctor.

I had read an article on Emotional Freedom Technique and, decided to try it. After working through the tapping together, my daughter was completely calm on the next doctor’s visit. I was surprised and also intrigued by the success of this technique and decided to do some further research.

I had been helping people with Reflexology but was fascinated as to why some people would improve very quickly and others seemed “stuck”. I have a real passion to learn as much as I can about the mind body connection and so when I came across EFT it was like a missing piece in the puzzle. I also discovered how to combine the 2 modalities turning my Reflexology sessions into a more powerful treatment.

Learning everything I could about beliefs and emotions and how they connect to every aspect of our lives both physically and emotionally has been so rewarding both for me and the people I work with. Using the skills and techniques have been invaluable in helping me with all the challenges that I faced within my travels and personally. I do what I do because I’m passionate about helping others to feel better and take control of their lives. I want to share everything I have learned so those that want to can have amazing lives too.


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