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Dear reader

10 years ago my wife accidently fell into a river, ever since then she has been terrified of falling. If she feels at all unsafe she would freeze and have an anxiety attack. She has tried her best to overcome this but even something as simple as a flight of stairs or a few steppingstones over a stream could stop her in her tracks and cause floods of tears.

Ginny offered her services to Gill and I was completely cynical, I joked about this kind of thing being a load of rubbish and a waste of time, but on reflection I am happy to admit that I was completely wrong! After just one session with Ginny I have seen a remarkable change in Gill, she has climbed to the top of a lighthouse, skipped across stepping stones and followed me down hiking steep trails while out walking with a smile on her face, all of which would have usually required a lot of persuasion, hand holding and ending up with her shaking and crying.
I am really proud of Gill and eternally grateful to Ginny, we have a passion for travel and adventure and now she is over her fear the world is her playground. I have written this to urge anyone who doesn’t believe in this kind of treatment to give it a chance - you won't believe the results!
Lee Drury Group MIS Manager

I will be eternally grateful to Ginny for teaching me techniques to overcome my fear of stairs and falling. After only one session I could feel the improvement instantly and the fear and anxiety has lessened at each new hurdle. Through her technique and patients, I have claimed my life back, I had not realised severely I was affected by my fear and anxiety.
Gill Drury in Shanghai

Ginny helped me untangle myself

For years I have suffered with my anxiety and depression which held me back and kept me trapped in my own head.
On the surface I presented as a together person and was able to interact with others. On the inside my mind was racing and I felt sick, my hands would shake and the fear that people wouldn’t like me or would be horrid was immense. In my mind I couldn’t understand why anyone was going to take time to talk to me or get on with me let alone like me. In my head I was a dreadful person and I wasn’t worthy of people’s time.
After going out or attending any kind of event, I would worry after that I had said the wrong thing, that I had made a fool of myself, that I may have offended someone you name it and it went through my head later. I had got to the point that I really didn’t want to go out anymore and I wanted to stay at home.
I meet Ginny and I was nervous about discussing, what I felt were stupid childish issues with someone. Ginny put my mind at ease and explained why I was feeling that way, then she helped me tackle these issues.
It was a roller coaster of emotions but working with Ginny I was able to understand where this had come from and to change my perception of myself and my beliefs.
I can’t begin to tell you how much Ginny has helped me and how much I appreciate the time she takes to understand and work through the personal reasons and issues that I had.
I no longer feel that I am at the mercy of my emotions, feelings and old beliefs. As a result of working with Ginny I have been able to meet new people and not worry about what they think. I haven’t questioned my every move and I have actually been able to be proud of myself.

Frankie in Llanwrst

I thought I could do it all myself - but I'm so glad I asked for help

I suffered a head injury after a scooter accident. The tissues healed over a period of months, but I realized that my neck injury, from whiplash, wasn't getting better. The proverbial 'pain in the neck' was causing me a neck pain.
Working things through with Ginny helped me understand that my beliefs about my accident were causing me to hold on to the pain. Understanding my state of mind helped me identify the cause of my continued neck pain. With Ginny's help, I was able to let it all go.
I no longer have the pain in the neck. It is gone.

Tim in Llanduno Junction

When I first started, Ginny said that Tapping was a bit weird, but she also said that it works. In my experience, she was right on both counts. I have found matrix reimprinting and EFT with Ginny immensely helpful to tackle my anxiety and depression. As with many types of therapy it is a great way to break down and understand emotions. However, where it goes further is it tackles the root cause by addressing limiting beliefs which can cause unhelpful patterns of behaviour. Ginny made me feel safe to address the problems that I was having, and I started to feel improvement within only a few sessions. While each session can be tiring, it is so worth the time to do and Ginny is a great person to help you through the sessions in an understanding way. She is warm and helpful, and structures the sessions so you can advance as quickly or gently as you need. I would thoroughly recommend EFT and Matrix with Ginny.

Emma in Dubai

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