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Some of the tools I use

I use a variety of skills to help you but two of the main tools I use are EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. Below is a very brief explanation as to what they are.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

One of the tools I use is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), sometimes known as Tapping. This wonderful form of therapy has been scientifically proven to help let go of persistent unwanted emotions. Having emotions is something that makes us human but sometimes we can hold on to emotions, like anger and frustration, which can then go on to hold us back. Using tapping on meridian points on our hands and heads whilst tuning into what is bothering us has been shown to be highly effective and quick way to let go of those unwanted emotions leaving you feeling calmer. It can be used as a self help tool giving you a way to take back control of your emotions instead of the emotions controlling you.

Matrix Reimprinting

Using EFT, Matrix Reimprinting is a way to go much deeper into the issues causing your problems.
In a gentle way, we can visit past memories which hold the key to where we created our limiting beliefs. This is where we get to the root cause of our issues, be it pain, anxiety, stress etc. Once we start to change our limiting beliefs our lives start to change, gradually, with ease. This process along with EFT differ from counselling or CBT as it impacts the subconscious on a much deeper level.

How I work. Tapping points

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